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DDR3 4Gb 1333MHz GEIL Green CL9 Dual Mode tested OEM ( GN34GB1333C9S )

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Planet Earth, the home of all mankind has been under tremendous stress of pollution causing problems such as global warming in the past decades. GeIL, as part of the citizens on this planet and pioneers of the industry, has been active in researching and developing ‘green’ technology and products. Besides RoHS compliance of the full GeIL product lines, GeIL has also put in ‘green’ effort in improving the working environment, product design, logistic and production to maximize energy saving and minimize CO2 transpiration.
GeIL DDR3 Green Series, carrying over the same spirit of its’ DDR2 predecessor, is a product with such green concept in mind. It is the first DDR3 green low power working voltage memory in the market. The working voltage of the GeIL Green Series DDR3 memory is 10~20% lower than those of JEDEC standard.
The packaging of the Green Series is made of recycled paper pulp, making the product ‘green’ inside and out.
All of GeIL Green Series memory modules are DBT enhanced for highest reliability and compatibility.

Available CAS: 8-8-8
Working Voltage : 1.3V
240 pin, Non-ECC, Un-buffered DIMM
Technology: DBT Enhanced, Die-hard
Burn-in Technology
Warranty: Lifetime

*1333MHz C9 tested as 1500MHz C9 (XMP Profile1)


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